LEDs in parallel

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This youtube video shows a lamp with LEDs in parallel.

(from time 7:10 you can hear that theyre in parallel)

The Far Eastern designs are doing this now....as its cheaper and avoids using multiple drivers...however, Western companies are trying to copy this, -but they must be careful , because in the Far East the LED foundrys, and the LED bulb makers are all government owned...so they can arrange to get "resistance enhanced" leds made which are better for parallel operation. Western companies are just paralleling them with normal leds....they will get bitten.....

Please see this report...

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I have been pulling apart commercial torches/worklamps etc for years and many have paralleled white LEDs.

White LEDs have a high Vf and a very soft knee (ie behave like they have an internal series resistance). LEDs from the same batch can be (and are) paralleled without too many hassles.

It's fine for lamp manufacturers, but not recommended for hobby LED use as you might have LEDs with very different characteristics (and as such cannot be easily paralleled).