LED Rope Lights

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    Mar 24, 2009
    I recently purchased 10 meters of RGB LED rope lights direct from China. Also purchased their DMX control box. I tested this with Light-O-Rama software and iDMX 1000 adapter controlled by my laptop. Everything works well and I am pleased with light intensity and fact I can ramp, dim, shimmer and on/off of the LED's. Now my next project is to eliminate DMX and to see if I can control direct from LOR controller that puts out 110vac and I hope to convert this to 110vdc with bridge rectifier. I was told by mfg that these LED's operate off 110vdc. I was warned by LOR that neutral could be + or -and I hope to check this out before I power up lights. If I connect wrong, I'm assumming I would fry the LED's. Is this correct? One more question, if I had choice of 200PIV or 400PIV diodes for bridge rectifier, is there a preference? Does anybody see any reason not to run this test? I will cut off 1 meter ( It is cuttable in 1 meter sections) so I will not ruin whole rope light if I screw up.

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