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    Jan 15, 2014
    Long-short. Need to power LED's from a wall outlet. Still in concept phase. I have a diagram that kind of visually depicts the project, but I don't have a wire/circuit diagram yet.

    My first issue/question is converting 120v AC to DC. I think I need a rectifier to convert to DC an some capacitors to smooth out the voltage. But I don't know how to incorporate a rectifier into a wire or circuit diagram, and not only do I not know which rectifier and capacitors I would need, I don't know how I would physically implement that. I'm assuming I would need a circuit board and any sort of power cord?

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    #1- Simply use a "wallwart" off the shelf AC/DC converter to get your DC. Like what you plug your cell phone into or any other device that requires DC from AC uses..
    #2- Discussions of "transformerless power supplies" are not allowed here for safety reasons..hence #1.

    So now with #1 you have "safe" DC available .. Now whats next in your project?
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