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hi guys im wanting to do a lil project with led's but i can not find a cheap source for flashing leds....would anyone no of a few places.....thanks for the help guys

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thats a circuit to make them blink correct ?? im just looking for blinking led's so i dont have to build a few circuits

or should i buy regular LED's and build the 555 timer for tons of LED's ?? witch do u think would be better ??


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An 555 circuit will give you more freedom on how the leds are flashing.
(you can adjust the flash-rate and the flash-time).
Leds with biuld-in flash circuits will have different flash-rates that can not be controlled.



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Still after the double flashing circuit?

If you're just learning to do this I highly recommend a protoboard, it is much easier than soldering.

What part of the world do you live in? This dictates where you can get parts.


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Mouser Electronics, www.mouser.com has blinking LED's in stock for less than $1 each. Go to the website in search for blinking LED.

I have used blinking LED's in series with standard LED's to blink strings of LED's. Most of the blinking LED's that I have used will work on a fairly wide range of voltages.


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Yes, blinking leds do, in fact, blink. However, with the minute difference in forward voltages from led to led, you will have a heck of a time if you want 2 or more to blink at the same time or rate. Using a circuit will give you control over all of that. And for 10 cents or less for standard LEDs, and $1 for blinkers, it depends on the finished project.
Are you using more than 1 led in your design?