LED Project; need your help / information.

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Unfortunately- I tried doing my research on this on google. Best as I could at least. So guys, I need your help!!

This is a very cool LED project for my personal hobby - called Poi.

This is a video of me spinning poi :

Now, I have already purchased a made set of these led lights I want to build from a company- but I have had nothing but problems with the lights and customer service.. So I've decided to go ahead and try to make my own. I know what I need to make them. I just need to know what kind of hardware I'll need as far as electronics.

These are the pictures of the led lights.

The lights will be something like : http://www.ecrater.com/p/15968535/flexible-12v-300-smd-5050-led-strip?gps=1 .... I'm trying to figure out how or where to get a motherboard for it. Seeing how that's how mine are rigged. From what I know , there is two boards. One for the lights and one for the rechargeable batteries. These have 3 Double A rechargeable 12v.

So all in all. What I want to know is ;

What do I need to get? Where? What can be the best rechargeable battery I can get?
Do you think the remote is sending the signal to the LED strips? Or some kind of motherboard/sensor?

BY THE WAY, the way its set up is .....

Outside : Casing , Lights and Exterior plug for the 12v rechargeable port. Inside , the two boards and batteries.

Thanks for ANY help. Seriously..

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Bump ^^

So I've been doing more research. So one board is defiantly for the LED change. Controls the lights. There's a model number on it but I looked it up and it's no where to be found. "JM-S00-C01". Unless this isn't the model number? I can only take it out so much before having to cut the wires to get the board out fully.

So to refine my quest for help :

I need a find a board that works with LED strips. Can anyone throw me any kind of bone?


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I think you didn't get a lot of feedback because it was very difficult to figure out what you need. So let's try to straighten that out.

You need put a weight and LEDs at the end of a rope to simulate fire on the end of a swinging rope. Safer and more practical than practicing with real fire all the time! ;) Do the LEDs need to do anything other than turn on? In other words, are you hoping to have some sort of flashing pattern, maybe to simulate a fire?

You bought some commercial device supposedly designed for this, but it has problems, so you're considering a DIY solution. The commercial kit appears to use the battery and circuitry all together with the swinging LEDs. I'm guessing that's required, that you don't want the battery pack in your hands or on your wrist.

Are you giving up on the basic design of the commercial device or do you want to improve upon it? What exactly were the problems with it and what was right with it? No point reinventing a wheel.

The more details you can tell us the better. LED specs (color, Vf, current requirements), number of LEDs, acceptable battery size, time of operation between charges, and on and on. Everything you can think of. A picture (such as a schematic) will help a LOT.

The electronics of all this are probably quite simple. It's the mechanical aspects and the "specifications" that folks need to help you.