LED lights and relay for a r/c ship

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Hello I am in the process of building a scale model of the USS Manitowoc LST 1180 I have the "bow ramp" operational with remote control. Using 2 channels working three DPDT switches to control the three motors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz20GK3noJY&feature=youtu.be
I have looked into controlling it with an arduino motor controls but the cost is a little bit on the high side for what I am trying to do. (Considering I have not put in the water yet) This may something that I will do at a later date. The controls are directly below the superstructure so I can get to them without any problem. With that said plan B==Things I would like to be to install. one more sensor (cable slack) used to override hoist cable to play it out if it gets to tight. I am thinking about a DPDT relay but not sure on how to wire it in to over ride commands. I have a very basic knowledge about electronics. I know what some of the paces and parts are (diode resistor) but for the most part I have no clue on how they work (with the exception of the magic smoke)
I do know how to build things. I just need some help with diagrams and part sizes.
Item two; I would like to install some led statist lamps in the pilot house and on the servo board.
Lamps (wanted) 1 green power 12vdc supply lamp installed in the hull (main engine) power
2 green power 1.5vdc supply lamp installed in the hull
3 green power 2.5-3vdc supply lamp installed in the hull
4 green power receiver 1 and receiver 2 power (6vdc) lamp installed in the hull
5 red lamp if all powers are good (1-2-3-4) lamp in pilot house
6 red / green door status (open / closed) lamps installed in the hull and pilot house
7 red /green ramp (extended /stowed) lamp installed in the hull and pilot house
Note; if ramp is in and doors are closed the red lamp should be on in the pilot house
i would also need to install some mosfets to reduce 12vdc to led voltage --12vdc to 1.5vdc for the 2 of the motors they pull .25 amp run and stall at 1.5to 2 amp and 2.5 volt .25 run stall of 1.5amp to 2amp

And while I have your attention i got some capacitors from digakey 1107PHCT-ND CAP CER 0.047UF 50V 10% AXIAL 399-9799-ND CAP CER 0.012UF 50V 10% RADIAL
I have noticed that the capacitors that are being use are the large ceramic disk type. Am I going to have a problem with these on my main engines (rs545 12vdc) if so do you have the part numbers? any and all input is most appreciated thank you