LED Lighting Experts: Repair / Replace LED spotlight?

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    I posted on the Candle Power forum where I figured the lighting experts hangout but it has been a week and not one useful post. They don't seem to want to help as much as the folks around here.

    The question is in reference to my Solar Light Timer project I posted. I was making some improvements and noticed that 6 LEDs turned up bad.

    The LEDs are in an array with 3 LEDs in series. The groups of 3 are in parallel of 36 rows for a total of 108 LEDs. The array is powered by a Buckpuck Plus to provide current regulation, all powered with 12vdc. It consumes < 500ma.

    The total LEDs that went bad are 4. Two per group of 3. They were located in the first 2 rows right where the power is connected to the light.

    Is this just coincidence that these LEDs went part or does their proximity to the supply wires have something to do with it?

    Now the best way to repair. I have some white LEDs on order. But I understand differences in forward voltage could prove problematic. Considering the configuration, will I have this issues? Or will it just be confined to the two rows? The repair only needs to be temporary, if I could get a few months more out of the light

    My next question is on replacement.

    I was thinking of something like this.


    The question is which one? They come in all kinds of configurations. I would want the best bank for the buck when it comes to power consumption and light.

    I realize the buckpuck will probably need to go if I use one these as I understand they have their own regulation. I'll need to come up with a way to generate 5VDC and control the new light as those are capabilities pf the buckpuck.
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