LED light teardown

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Got a new IKEA enclosure last night, similar to NAN, called GRUNDTAL, and it is a metal container, not plastic. Nice, metal conducts heat much better.

As sold, the halogen bulb heats this thing up to 67°C. However, I could not get this unit to drive the LED unit as it is not a simple transformer output. So I replaced the IKEA driver with my good ole 12VAC transformer and restarted the test.

With the halogen bulb the covered bulb area heats up to 102°C. With the LED unit, it stays at a nice comfortable 60°C.

In other news, I was out at the Huntington Lighthouse yesterday for the fall cleaning. I'm in the preservation organization, we tend to the lighthouse building and the Coast Guard maintains the light itself. The CG just replaced the incandescent light with a LED module that looks like a small UFO.

It's made by a New Zealand company called Vega. Here's the spec sheet for the light, we have a single tier device as they show on the left. It has a specified 10 year service life and a 9.5NM range using just 10W of power. Average power is less as the aspect of this light is 6 seconds on: 6 off.

If you get at eye level you can see numerous LED devices inside, they have the yellow coloring most white LEDs use. I spied the CDS night sensor and with a carefully placed finger lite the light during the daytime.


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I just bought myself a LED array housing as well, equipped with a 20W halogen light, darn those things produce heat! Crushed it!

I replaced the pins on the array with clippings from a power resistor so that the spacing was right for the socket.

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