LED light conversion

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  1. MartyL16

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    Feb 3, 2013
    I really would appreciate some help with this project.

    I have an undercabinet LED light fixture that runs on 3 AA batteries and activates by a motion sensor which is why I bought it.

    It has 12 white LEDS, the motion sensor and an ambient light sensor to keep it from activating during our daylight hours.

    Problem: with us and our dogs and cats, it goes thru batteries quickly.

    My proposed solution: I want to replace the alkaline batteries with rechargeable NiMH batteries and keep them charged with my new SWITCHMODE 4.5 VDC "wall wart" rated at 2 amps.

    The wall wart appears very stable at an almost constant 4.7 vdc.

    I believe the NiMH will be fully charged at 1.2 X 3 = 3.6

    Since I opened up this fixture and saw some "chips", I am guessing that they are for the ambient light and motion sensor control and the fixture is current regulated by the inherent current limitation of 3 AA batteries (in series) and voltage limited by the state of charge of the original 3 alkaline batteries in series ( 1.5 X 3 = 4.5 vdc).

    I am guessing that my above stated SW MODE PS will work fine but I would think that I am missing needed information to complete this project.

    Comments, ideas, explanations will be appreciated.
  2. mcgyvr

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    Oct 15, 2009
    forget the batteries..just attach the wall wart to it on the output of the battery stack.
  3. w2aew

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    Jan 3, 2012
    Even simpler solution - mask off part of the motion sensor so that the lights come on only when you create some movement on the counter, and not general traffic thought the kitchen. I have similar lights in my closet, and masked part of the motion sensor so that the light goes on only when I put my hand into the closet.