LED installation: Planning Stages

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Hello all!
    This is my first time posting here, so forgive me if I missed answers in previous posts, I did employ the search feature to no avail. Also, if I am in the wrong forum, please tell me! Thanks in advance for any help provided!!

    I am trying to plan an LED controller that could control multiple clusters of RGB LEDs' color and brightness independently. These clusters would be mounted behind a fabric canvas to create a look very similar to this:
    I am currently decorating my new apartment, and loved the idea of having this installation as one of my walls. I would like the actual "wall" to be no more than 2-3" thick, with the control units located on the side.

    My idea, and I don't know if it is possible, is to ultimately have 3-5 independent controllers. Each controller would have 4 knobs: red, green, and blue hue control, as well as an overall brightness knob. Ideally, one could adjust the LED clusters to any hue desired, and any brightness desired. If the individual hue control is something too difficult or super costly to implement, I could live with white LEDs with a brightness control. Also, I would like to use a standard US wall socket for my power source.

    The color mixing of the LEDs and even light distribution are essential for the project to be effective, so single LEDs with all 3 colors would be preferred, but the ability to display white is one of my goals, so if the LEDs have to be separate, I wouldn't be heartbroken. Also: if anyone has successfully diffused multiple LEDs so they look like one smooth light source, I would greatly appreciate any tips in this matter.

    Obviously I am still in the planning stages of this project, but I am willing to pay for a solution in the form of a schematic, or something similar, if someone wants to take on the project and would be willing to help me with any questions I have or problems I encounter. While I don't consider myself electronically stupid, I certainly don't have the know how to sketch a circuit on my own, so excuse that moisture behind my ears and please don't flame me too badly for any obvious questions I might have. I promise I am a really fast learner.

    Again, thanks in advance for helping the project become a reality.
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    Mar 24, 2008
    This was design for a different application, but it could be modified to fit your needs.

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Thanks for the fast reply Bill! I'm still constructing the enclosure, and enlisted the help of one of my friends to see if we can't work this out practically.

    Again, thanks!