LED Grow Light Circuit Design

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Looking for an existing design for a grow light circuit using LED's. Most of the designs I've seen use combinations of white, blue and red leds. The key is to get enough wattage. I have room for about 144 LED's in total. I want to drive them from a 12V power supply. Any help or direction would be most appreciated.


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We need more information .... 144 leds ??? these come in all sorts of sizes from mW to 100W ....

To grow things you need a lot of power , about 300W per square meter ...

Don't waste your time with small leds ....

this 100W one only costs $3 ...it contains a mix of leds to give the right light spectrum
I use these and run them at very low power (20W) ... this way they do not need a big heat sink are more efficient and last forever ...

Go to ebay and put "led grow" in search many hundred different types ...

If you are determined to use the leds you have give details , pictures or links ...


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Most of the LED grow lights I have seen are full spectrum lighting running from infrared through ultra violet. There is no shortage of grow lights out there available and if I were to get into it I would just shop for which lights were best suited for what I wanted to grow and run with them. Each light or better put each light fixture will have the right illumination for a given area at a given height.