Led FlashLight Rebuild Help

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I bought a nice Matco Led flashlight but the battery is dead ..But it takes a special 18650 battery w/ protection pcb and special top pcb ... I want to go on ebay and buy some 18650 batteries and charger .. My problem is that the battery is ground in 2 position in order to turn the flashlight on and off and also charger through the port in the flashlight ??? Can I just ground both points to the chassis and use a normal 18650 or do I need to design my own led driver ????

Here is one pic of the ground pin and the other contacts the case and neither touches unless on the PCB

Matco Fl431 2k
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As long as the voltages are the same, and the battery fits (or custom fits,) then you should be fine to use the normal 18650 battery, and yes you should be able to ground both leads out on the chassis.