LED flasher

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Sgt. Wookie, this circuit is exctly what I've been looking for. I built it the other day but I'm afraid I've blown my IC's. I have a short but I'm for sure I don't have one on the board. I think my problem is how I'm hooking it up. I have the negative of the LED's (integrated reistor 12V, just using to test) going into terminals 5 and 6 on J1 to the FETs and I have chassis ground going to terminal 3. I have 12v to the positive of the LEDs but am also feeding that same 12v to terminal 1 on J1. Is this wrong? It's how I read the schematic but I'm a beginner. Have R1 cranked to 100k and I'm still blowing fuses. Thanks for any help!
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