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    Apr 12, 2010
    Hi, I'm working on a project for somebody's birthday. It's a flashing led display that reads somebody's name, but I'm kind of stuck. I need a fairly cheap way of mounting about a hundred leds in paralell on a perf board, or maybe even a homemade pcb. Any help that anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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    LEDs are never connected in parallel unless they are all measured then sorted into groups that have exactly the same forward voltage. Each group will have a voltage that is different from other groups so the groups can also not be connected in parallel.

    Instead, connect a few LEDs in series and in series with a current-limiting resistor. In series the current is the same in each LED. In series, the supply voltage must be high enough.

    A few years ago, kids wore huge belt buckles with a scrolling bright blue display showing a sentence that was usually cursing. They keyed in whatever they wanted to say.
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    Apr 5, 2008
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    It may be easier/more reliable to have a chinese fab service create the board and populate it with SMD LEDs. You only need connections for row and column, sounds like 10x10 or so?
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    First, start with the LED layout, and the LED color. The color of the LED determines how much voltage it will drop, which affects several other factors.

    Give me a quantity of LEDs and their color and I can help.

    Use a thick piece of cardboard (or plywood) and drill holes just a little smaller than the LEDs. Use a little glue to hold them in place. You can chain them as shown in chapter 1 and two as shown in the article that was referred to you earlier.
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    Im guessing you meant parallel rows rather than parallel-electronically.

    You could use perf board and still use SMD (surface mount) LEDs.

    You can use the next hole over to run a lead to the back side.

    Doesn't seem worth it.

    Have you looked at existing LED Arrays?

    Here is one that you can use with an SPI from a micro