LED cube - basics of timing /frequencies

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    I've spent many hours in the last days reading about POV and LED cubes.

    Given an 8 x 8 x 8 cube and a refreshing frequency of 150, from all my reading I concluded the following:

    T (to light them all) = 1/150 = 6667 usec

    Time devoted to each LED in the sequence (whether on or off) = 6667 usec / 512 = 13 usec / LED

    If I have to introduce some variation in the perceived luminosity of each one I should apply to every LED a PWM signal of suitable frequency during the asigned time slot of 13 usec.

    I am not sure if I will build one cube or not (most probably no) but I am interested in the concept.

    Please, I am not looking specifically for links but basically anyone telling me if what I say above is correct or not. Comments really appreciated.

    Also, isn't a 8 layers cube as proposed, equal to a 2D frame of 64 x 8 LEDs on this regard?
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