LED conversion of big old rechargeable spotlight

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    Jul 26, 2012
    I was trying to convert this big old flashlight I found into a more mordern and powerful LED flashlight. I recently replaced the battery and since it can be charged by plugging it into a regular power outlet it is actually quite convenient and just needs an upgrade.

    I figured it would be quite simple by ordering these LED array light bulb replacements from ebay. It actually works quite well with a smaller 6-LED E10 led array but it did not give me quite enough light. Therefore I bought another 19-LED E10 led array from the same seller. It says on the side that it can be used with 6V-9V. Since the battery is 6V, I thought I should be good to go and it will produce as much light as possible. But, I seem to be missing something here (most likely basic skills as an electrician) because the light the 19 LED E10 light gives me is considerably less than what the 6 LED E10 light produces. First I thought it I would have to adjust some resistor on the circuit board, but when I connected the LED array directly to the battery, it basically looks the same. So I guess the LED array is the problem...

    I found the following in the description of the array:
    6V + 1m distance = 35Lux
    7.5V + 1m distance = 130Lux
    9V + 1m distance = 300Lux