LED control for time foutain and Lucid Dream Glasses

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Hello all and thanks in advanced for taking a look.

Im new to all this and would like some advice on two projects im starting. The first project is a set of glasses you wear while sleeping, and after a set time period, leds in front of your eyes begin to strobe, this puts you into a conscious state so that you may have lucid dreams. Size is pretty critical as you are wearing it on your face and being able to program using usb would be better then using a serial port.

I think I will purchase this to use in both projects.


seems like a good tool to start with.

The second project I am doing is making a time fountain


I hope to go much larger then the one featured there, maybe a few feet tall, I have 100 uv leds and the resistors for use with a 12 volt power supply. I want to be able to control the speed at which the LEDs strobe to create different effects, and to be able to program different patterns for the LEDs to follow.

With the above TI product, what else would I require, texes instrument offers free samples (check the web site) so i would want to use one of the MSP430F20xx series microcontrollers that they offer for free

What would be the best power supply for the fountain?
If i want individual control of each LED how should they be wired?
with 14 available pins what would I need to control 100 leds?

I can only program with c++ so using that would be best.

Post any suggestions you have so i can get going in the right direction