LED configuration, how to set up?

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I plan on building a set up that has 15 or so LEDs and having them come on by incriments of a little less than .1 volt. I don't think it would be hard to build with those little ideas but heres the kicker, I only want one LED on at a time, maybe have on slowly fad in as the other fads out. Not to sure how one would go about that. It's for my car doing a reading from my O2 sensor, and I was thinking about lining up the lights red then green then blue, having 5 of each. is this possible? If so, how?


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Would something like this work to accomplish the fade-in and fade-out?
I doubt it, LED's are current driven devices, so you'd only get a minor fade effect (and then there's the chance of it all going down in oscillations).
But IIRC, the LM3914 allready has the effect of gradually changing.