led audio vu meter need help please

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    Jul 16, 2011
    im making an led audio vu meter to mount right above the leg area in a car and need sum help figuring out what resistors and other components i need to use if it makes it easier i can hook it up to the subwoofer speaker wire instead of the normal speaker wire thanks in advance for your input and i was looking at basing my circuit off of this if possible im new to all this more complicated electronics stuff so if you could dumb it down or at least explain it a bit id really appreciate it
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    Let's start here.

    Others will chime in, this is a very active/ helpful place, but
    you must be willing to do some work also.

    I have attached a link to datasheet for
    the LM3915 IC, which is the heart of your project.

    LM3915 Datasheet

    I'm also throwing in a link to LM7805 datasheet.

    LM7805 Datasheet

    Also enter "LM3915" into search box on this page. You may also try searching "LM3914" as its
    operation is very similar.

    Look through datasheet. It looks complicated, but take it one
    small section/function at a time, and try to get an understanding
    of what each component is doing.

    Also check out the AAC books at the top of this page. Start with Vol. 1-DC.

    Post back with specific questions.
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