LED and Lipo Battery info.....HELP!!!!!!

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Hey guys, I'm a complete noob when it comes to things like this and need some advise.
I am wanting to run 3m of LED 5050 RGM with a 11.1 V 2200mah Lipo nun chuck battery pack.
Can this be done and how long would it last. What connectors would I need to use at the end of the battery pack?
I am basically mounting lights on my kite so need it to be as light weight as possible, hence why I am using a nun chuck style battery so as to distribute the weight more evenly.
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I can guess that those LED strips are designed to be fed from a 12V supply and more than likely just have a resistor for each LED..
So you might be able simply plug the strip right into the battery (+ to + and - to -) and be done..
The LED's will just be slightly dimmer than if you had a 12V supply..