LED and Buzzer Circuit

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am looking for a circuit that actuate the LEDs and the Buzzer? i want to know what components that i have to use?

May i have your help as soon as possiable, please?

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Which LEDs? What buzzer? What sequence? What is meant by "actuate?" Do you want to turn them off when your wife comes home? Do you want to turn them on at noon on Wednesday? Do you want them to flash when the temperature in you oven reaches a certain point? Do you want them to fade in and out in time with the local ocean tides?

So far the component list is "LEDs and buzzer."

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This is first Electronic project and am working on (Baby Monitoring system). I decided to place this system in the baby's toys room (3 to 5 years). By placing three motion sensor in the room, the first sensor will be placed to measure the movement in the room, the 2nd sensor and the 3rd sensor will measure if there is a movement nearest to the door or the window. On the other side there is a display box that allows the mother to look after the baby while she work. The box contains of three LED (green, yellow and red) if there is normal movement in the room the Green LED will be ON. if there is a movement near the window or the door the Yellow LED becomes ON. if there is no movement in the room at all the Red LED will work. then the mother will go and check for the baby.

if you want to read more click here OR copy this link and paste:

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so you will be using proximity sensors to monitor movements directly headed for the window or door and a motion sensor for the general movements.

as a word of caution, this kind of project is quite hard to implement though making the circuit design is easy. you will have to do a lot of tinkering with the sensitivity of the sensors till you have achieve the desired result.

and another thing, whats the room dimension to start with. the recommendation of what motion sensor to use will depend on this dimensions.



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You can try GSpy and have it monitor via video. It can be set up for zones I believe though you might have to make modifications for different alert levels.

The computer can be the noise maker or you can drive a signal out the parallel port which can turn on LEDs, buzzers, alarms, etc.

Get a cheap laptop that has USB and some wireless cameras and have fun. :)

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thank you (MRMEVAL) for your comments, i think that i could help me if i am thinking about visual disply, but I'm changing my mind to have only LED display.