LED 7 Colors Project

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    Jun 8, 2012
    This circuit is a flashing light. The light from the LED 3 colors mixed together until a new light. The LED colors of red, green, blue, and by Red, green, blue three colors. Red + Green + Red + Blue, blue three colors. Red + green + blue, a color All seven colors. This circuit can not remember the last flicker before the shut down and 7. The flashing mode is selected by pressing the switch.
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    The sticky on the top of the Completed Projects forum spells out what is required for a Project to be displayed on this forum.

    Your project comes close, but does not have everything that is needed. This forum is to allow people to duplicate your work, and is not meant as a forum to show off your work. Your link to your website has also been removed, you may repost it once you are a Senior member, or have met the local hosting requirements for this project. My recommendation is to put it as part of your signature. I have stashed your URL for safe keeping.

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