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I started working on a project that involves applying a lead lag filter for the Loop filter of a CD4046 phased lock loop..

I'm still learning the 4046 and i was wondering if anyone could shed some insight on how to tune the lead lag filter loop to meet specific capture / lock on frequency range? Im having a hard time finding info on lead lag filters and how to apply in this manner

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lead lag filters are used as compensators for LTIs.
i'm not sure why would one need it for 4046. datasheet shows circuit and info needed to make functional PLL.

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Some of the 4046 data sheets show lead lag filters.. but none of them show the math for applying them.. They all refer to a reference from a book written in the 60's.

So what would the lead lag filter be used to do?... with a 4046? if its shown on page 2 of this data sheet..


What are the applications?


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The lead-lag filter is used with a the Type I phase detector. If you use the Type II phase comparator, you just need a simple RC filter, and the lock range equals the frequency range of the VCO.

What is your application?