Lead Based Paint a good thing?...

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Lead Based Paints, i'm assuming that they're pretty much outlawed everywhere by now even 3rd world...

But is it possible it could be a good thing? eg protecting you from harmful rays the house may not necessarily give, how many rays from outter space or indeed our own here on planet earth could a lead painted house protect you from?... and if Microwaves on a certain frequency deemed unsafe to some people / plants, would the risks of a lead based paint outrisk the poison factor?

and on an extreme case, a decent lead paint to cover your home, how significant would it be in say a huge gamma ray blast or something like that, ok fine we can't all afford fall out bunkers but would a lead based paint go somewhat to protecting lives if something like that took place??


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If we get hit with a stellar source of gamma rays. (A gamma ray burster) It would take a mile of solid rock to screen out 90-95% of them. The 2 thousands of an inch of lead oxide would look like a window pane to them.


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Not too well either. The mix is not very conductive, so there goes the faraday cage idea.

Dallas had a real problem, we had a lead smelter down town just over a decade or two ago. All the kids tested with higher elevations of lead.

I remember reading lead contributed to the fall of Rome, seems they like the way it sweetened their wine (lead oxide tastes sweet). That and they used lead pipes to transport their drinking water.

I got to thinking how I used to hold my solder (in my mouth). It may have made me the man I am. I am. I am.


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Wearing lead-impregnated underwear would probably be more cost-effective. This would also help the wearer to increase his exercise level, so promoting cardiovascular fitness.

Since radiation levels increase with altitude, perhaps aircraft should also use more of this substance - this would have the double effect of shielding against radiation,and discouraging excessive altitude. This might be especially effective when applied to ballooning.