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Theres any one knows how to troubleshoots a LCD monitor of a hematology analyzer. The display output on the screen is blur. Is there any component of the board of LCD cause the blur or the LCD is the culprit one. Can you help me guys how to diagnose it. THanks



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Hard to tell without knowing more ablut the connection to the display. In many applications, the actual connection is through a rubber (or at least rubbery) strip. It will have carbon tracks on 50 mil centers. It conducts just enough when squeezed between the printed circuit traces and the contacts on the edge of the display to work.

But, if you take it apart, you may never get it quite back in position to work again. In this case, there's not much to lose.

If the contacts to the LCD display are not at fault, then the data out may be multiplexed, and some part of the multiplexing logic is at fault. We would need more information before making even a guess at this point.


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Was the display working and then failed or did you inherit a non-working display?

Can you take a digital photo of the misbehaving display's screen and post it here?