lcd power constumption - static vs multiplex

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Starting a project where I need about 5 years of battery life off of batteries with 4800mAh capacity...every uA counts. Looking at either the PIC16f917 or the PICf9146, all depends on whether I'll be driving a static or multiplex (cheaper and less complex board) lcd. The chip will be running in sleep mode the majority of the time, and only waking up to do a quick read and simple calculation. The display itself will be shut off about 12 hours of the day.

    I've never used an lcd before and having been able to find anything on power consumption regarding the different drive methods. Looking at the required bias circuitry for multiplex it looks like there's going to be a large current draw separate from that of the lcd.

    Any knowledge on the subject is greatly appreciated. Thanks