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Need a LCD interface program with PIC microcontroller 16f874 the LCD type is Hitachi 44780 . 16 X 2 . series pin


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This isn't the souk.

People contribute here from their own good will and in their valuable spare time. They are far, far more likely to respond to a thoughtful and carefully worded post than to series of "gimmie gimmie gimmie now now gimmie."

It is unlikely that anyone here will volunteer to write code for you. I did find two websites via Google which should help you write your own code. Took me about two minutes.

And no, I will not share the specific links here. The only link I will share is - once you have demonstrated the will and ability to do your own work, many of us will be happy to assist with specific details.

I wish you luck.


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For the sake of all concerned this thread is locked.

If you wish you ask a question please read how you should structure your query, otherwise please don't bother.

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