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  1. gotumal

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    Mar 24, 2008

    I am designing a interface board for colour graphics LCD. The idea is that, as of now, the LCD is 3.5", 320 X 240 resolution but could be interfaced to other LCDs as well (of course TFT, up to some resolution etc).

    Unfortunately there is no standard interface for graphic LCDs. Some are of 50 lines (with and without Tcons, invertors etc), SPI, I²C and so on.

    All I could think is I can have a board which has,

    1. Power supply which generates ±8.5V and +16V from 3.3V.
    2. Colour bits (R, G and B); may be 8 lines each.
    3. Hsync, Vsync and dot clock and,
    4. Two PWM channels to control the brighness.

    *At least gate drivers would be there on LCD.

    Some LCD may have power supply and/or timing controller and /or RAM etc. So above blocks on the interface card could be bypassed accordingly.

    Kindly advice if you have any suggestions if I can go ahead with this idea.
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    Apr 20, 2004
    If you are trying to design a universal graphics LCD driver I/F, then you need to have in hand all the specifications for every different LCD display. The circuitry has to be able to supply every voltage and signal to all those displays. The I/F may also require multiple connectors to supply all those differing requirements.

    It's not realistic to include multiple communication protocols on the I/F. Why are you limited to a 3.3 volt source?
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    Mar 24, 2008
    Thanks beenthere,

    Actuall there are plenty of colour graphics LCD panels available in the market. What I could do is to study the more common ones like Hitachi, kyocera etc. I want to know if my generlised comprehension of LCD were correct. Same is true for connectors I can have foot prints of 3-4 connonectors on my board. It would be greate if I could use for instance 10 LCD which are more common in the market. Now again, for me commonly available LCDs are from Hitachi, Toshiba, Lumex, Osram, Sharp etc.

    Since my controller needs 3.3V and plent of voltage convertors modules are available with 3.3V input.
  4. knimoo

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    Dec 5, 2008
    According to this fact that there are several and varied types of color LCDs, its a lot better that you focus on the all LCDs (which you mentioned above) apart but accurately, --specially Hitachi and Osram because of their popularity--.
    On top of that, I just google your problem, so, I found huge amounts of analogous activities. I call to mind you, do google everything before you wanna do it.

    --Ali Abbasinasab