LCD Display MTB-055 w/T6963C

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    Dec 23, 2009
    A few years ago I picked up a few LCD displays in a lot. They're marked MTB-055, P-B055 Rev-D. They're based on the Toshiba T6963C chip. They're 7"x2.5" overall (6"x2.125" displace module). I'm not sure what the matrix is of this board.
    My original thought with this board was to make a display using a microprocessor that would display the results of gathered analog data. But I've never worked with LCD displays before and have found little information on this board. I've looked over Steve Lawther's information ( but find it of little help for my limited knowledge (plus there are a bunch of broken links). I've built lots of electronics projects (though only a few microprocessor based projects), but this is new to me, and I'm a little gun-shy with all the warnings about how easy it is to toast these LCD displays.
    I think I'm comfortable with the pin-outs I've found, but would like a little more guidance on how I could quickly test one of these displays to see it light up - I don't want to toast it. Is it possible to make a few pin connections and put this board in some sort of demo or test mode? How can I make it light up without building a complete data-transfer circuit?
    As stated above, I have a bunch of these. I'd be more than happy to send one or two out to one or more of the regulars here if that would facilitate helping me understand how to make it work.