LC filter design

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Hello friends
can any body please help me find out the values of L and C for a LC filter. Im working on 433MHz frequency.
To make it simple ....Im transmitting the signal at 433MHz at a power level of 10 to 13dBm. On the other hand my job is to design a receiver the antenna of which is connected to a LC or RC filter ....I need to calculate the value for L and C. Please help me with the formula ...or if some of you can give any ideas.....its very very urgent. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated. And one more thing the values of component would they be purely RF i.e chip components or normal component would do .



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Download this free filter design and analysis tool:

It's very handy for designing various types of filters.

Note that the values it comes up with will be specified to a number of decimal places. You can substitute the values you have on hand to see how badly the design will be impacted.

Tuning LC filters can be quite a chore, even if you have expensive test equipment like network analyzers. Be aware in such a high frequency range, the reactance of multilayer capacitors (even 0603 multilayer ceramics) causes their effective capacitance to increase considerably.

Unless you wish to spend quite a bit of time trying to tune such a filter, I suggest you look for an off-the-shelf solution.