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Hello all,

I will make this as simple as possible. I want to be able to route a source signal to multiple destinations, one at a time. Let's say there's an n.o. momentary for each destination. I want to press and release one of the buttons and have it latch on, routing the source to its destination. When another button is pressed, I want the first one to "unlatch" (turn off) while the new connection is latched on, etc. This behaves exactly like one of those typical mechanical audio switchboxes that route one audio signal to multiple destinations, one at a time. When you press a pushbutton, the previously pressed one pops up and disconnects.

Is there a way to accomplish this electronically, preferably passively?

I have researched this at length, but have not been able to find a solution, so I thought I'd put it out here.

Thank you for listening!


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I think you are referring to a Radio Button? this is quite common in software now, as a previous post showed, they are a rarity in mechanical switches now.
If you search radio button you may find the previous post.


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Not possible without latches, be they CMOS, TTL Relays, Transistors, etc, and some logic, be it diodes, CMOS, TTL, etc., or the software equivalent thereof...


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One time project?
Would an actual switch work if you could find one?