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    Feb 19, 2009
    I have a coil operated by a 24V DC switched supply.
    As it is driven by an encoder it momentarily switched off every 9999 pulses. This then deenergises the coil creating a samll gap in the glue [strip being laid. The time is short - less than .1 to ,3 seconds.
    I want to hold the coil on thru this break, but still want to switch the coil off when the encoder stops. This alows the glue guns to cut off before totally stopping.
    I can use the current signal ( G1 ) to operate a relay with no and nc contacts. I would put a new 24v supply to a common contact and whn the GI switches off, the relay will switch the contacts over allowing a near continuous signal to the Glue Gun.
    But then nothing will switch off when G1 is denergized for a long time.
    I need to use a times contact to maintain a signal but how does this supply swich off on a long pause???
    Hope I have spelt out the problem and someone can help.