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    May 29, 2012
    I purchased a laser sensor for a trigger system I have called camera axe, The downfall of the laser, used in combination with a light sensor, is that it is too sensitive to vibration. I have been in touch with a gentleman on another forum who replaced the laser with an IR LED. He still uses the same light sensor though.

    What I'm looking for is someone who could possibly translate what he's telling me into some sort of a schematic. I have a feeling he is an older gentleman as it seems he's not too computer savvy. Here is a quote from what he wrote me:

    • So my questions are, how do I build something like this?

    • Parts list, seems mouser has a ton of IR Led's, also not sure about trimpots or what resistors I may need as well.

    • Where in the circuit of the light sensor can I place an LED as a detector? -see attached schematic

    I've attached schematics of the light sensor and the current laser. If you are interested in the forum post that I posted my original question about the laser on, Click Here.

    Any guidance would be so much help.

    Thank you!

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