Laser module power connection

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Complete noob problem. I have a laser module and wish to power it using some batteries encased in
How would I go about doing this (no electronics experience)?

I'm a member of a target shooting club, and hope to place the module on top of the barrel and the power source on the side of the barrel, out of the way, to help with my aim. Any advice on how to calibrate the laser to a monocular scope would be greatly appreciated.

Not hoping for much in the way of results just need something to do whilst bed-bound.



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A laser needs a controlled current. I believe the circuitry in that laser you linked provides all that, and is meant to do exactly what you want to do. Hook it up to 3V and go.

Calibrating a laser scope is sort of beyond the ...scope of this forum! But I'll bet someone here knows the answer anyway. ;)

Oh, one thing: polarity matters. Be sure you send battery positive and ground to the right pins on the device. Check and double check. The laser circuit may protect itself against reverse polarity but if not there is some risk of installing the batteries backwards. Perhaps the instructions will address this.