larger voltage regulators


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Check out the LM317HV..... I have used this device for a 300 volt output regulator.....But you can not use it in the same config as the 78 series...There are lot's of things to watch out for...For a start, you can not just put 350 volts in and expect 300 out... you should not exeed the maximum input to output voltage, and the maximum input to the "adj" pin voltage....also at these voltages, don't expect the regulator to survive a shorted output...I will try and dig out some schematics and stuff....Daniel.


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What's the input voltage and polarity that you're working with, and how much current do you expect to draw from the regulated supply?

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I was thinking of trying to regulate off grid systems and end up with
240+- 5-10 amps AC. I guess an inverter is best. The thing is, a good inverter takes any voltage between 80 and 400 volts, and outputs exactly 240 ac. the good ones. not the older ones that take a fixed v and output a fixed v. I wonder how it caps the voltage,.makes sure it doesnt go over the rating.?


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For your own safety, I very strongly suggest that you go with your inverter idea.

You're thinking about working on high voltage, high current = high power circuits. If you make a mistake, the Tron God will most certainly smite thee, and you will look like Don King with a tan. :eek:

Go forth with your inverter, and be safe young Jedi. ;)