Laptop freezes with use of battery.

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I have searched the forum a bit and have not seen a thread for this.

I am curious what exactly could cause a laptop battery which is fully charged to cause the laptop to freeze with nothing in the event log or nothing else suspicious happening.

Yet if I run this laptop off of just the psu there is no issue what is so ever.

I do not have another battery to test but I do have one on order.

I am curious if anyone has any theories on what may be a possible solution to this weather it would be something to do with the charging circuit or the battery itself (which I will be testing within the next week.)

Thank You for your time.


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My guess is the battery has gone bad. Either providing to low voltage to maintain proper function of motherboard or fluctuations in the voltage.


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i have just repaired a laptop faulty dc socket,
when i powered it up nothing,or bsod,
changed everything ,still nothing
took battery out. perfect

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Interesting is it not?

I find it odd how the circuit is setup to boot my laptop when conditions of the battery do not meet the required specifications they obviously do not invest much time into design ...

Most often brown conditions are one of the worst things for electronics these days.

Anyhow I thank you all for your input and time.

I will let you know how I fair as time moves on.