laptop consoles component inventory any idea

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i there looking for circuit diagram such as nintendo ds lite ,laptop,

baicely what it is when trying to identifi a smd component that have no marking on there such as (r) or (c) .altho we sometime know what thay are via experience but thay don't always show there value weather it down to a cheap component or the manafactor don't want you to fix it your self. so you got to take it to them so thay can screw money out of you lol.

i did hear about manafactures have a list of component including it value on some paper of were it go,s and what it is to each own modle such as for example nintendo ds lite.

but some have a code name such as a number next to them what doesent mean anything to that component nor on the internet

so the jist of the story is .is there any way to get hold of the component list

is there a special name for these list

people on this site will see when thay rip something apart such as a laptop when looking at a smd ceramic cap it mite say next to it c1,c2 and so on same for a resister smd r1,r2 and so on
but again no value on it


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Sounds like you are looking for a BOM - Bill of Materials.

Good luck in finding one, this is usually kept as secret as the schematics.


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Take a picture of it. Often, you can determine what value it should be from the nearby components. e.g. if it was near a comparator, it could be a pull up resistor.