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    Apr 21, 2011
    Hi, I have to do the following project for college and I don't know anything yet about microcontrollers so any help will be appreciated. The objective is to create an embedded system to teach French words to English speakers and vice versa. This example translates from French to English.

    The system will have two data files.
    File1 named English has 4 fields named ID(10), Word(20), Comment(40), Wavname(10)
    File 2 named French has 4 fields named ID(10), Word(20), Comment(40), Wavname(10)

    Each file has 144 records all character fields with lengths shown in brackets above.

    Each file will therefore have 11.5k characters

    Step 1
    When the user presses a button the program will select at random a word from the French data file and display it on a 2 line LCD Display (20 characters in width).
    A short WAV or MP3 audio file will be played so that the user can hear how the word in pronounced

    Step 2
    When the user presses the same button again the equivalent English word will be displayed (the ID from the French file will be used to locate the equivalent word from the English file).

    Step 3
    If the user presses a second button the Comment field will be displayed showing more information about the word.

    Can this be achieved with an embedded system, what components are required and at what cost ?

    Components I can think of that will be required are:
    Data Storage
    LCD Display

    I have to produce this for the lowest possible cost. What would you recommend for the above components and what components have I left out.. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 17, 2010
    Then their is a problem,any help on the project will be useless if you dont understand basic of microcontrollers.