Language & controls for simple USB soft - host side

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    Jan 6, 2004
    Please note: I am asking for personal experiences and no for links. Too long time reading in the Web and the mambo jumbo in my head is enough. :eek:

    Also, please note: I know nothing about C.

    I've got a basic USB device up & running just by using Brad Minch's software and now I would like to read on the screen, data sent by the device to the PC.

    With RS232 I used Hyperteminal which worked OK for my needs.

    My questions:

    1 - Is it there anything like Hyperterminal available now for USB?

    2 - Wonder if I could use Visual Basic Express (free download from Microsoft). I would like to have comments of anyone with experience on that.

    3 - The equivalent of the control "MSComm" does it exist for USB in VB?

    4 - Soft writen in VB 6.0, if available, would it be rather different from what I need with Visual Express? Always oriented to simple soft getting data from the device via USB.

    5 - Just by chance I run across of some articles talking USB soft (host side) writen in Delphi.

    Short replies in the order of the questions will be much appreciated. Really!