LANC control for SOny/Canon videocamcorders

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    Feb 21, 2013
    I know very little about circuit design (read my profile why is that) and need your assistance.... big time!
    I need someone who can design a LANC controller (Sony/Canon) that can be super simple and do only a few commands:
    - REC
    - ZOOM (W/T)
    - Zoom speed
    That's it.
    Manfrotto makes one : <>
    Here's what it's looks like when I hacked it: <>
    Using a small circuit board with this chip : <>
    A few other surface mounted components and that's it. I don't have to have surface mount but have to keep is reasonably small.
    I can't copy their design and need to come up with my own.
    What I don't like about their design is the actuating (round) button that accidently can turn ON/OFF the recording if pushing it a bit harder. It's not a good design and I would like to have three buttons or one rocker sw and one button for the REC function. A pot/knob for speed setting. A pin-out from the board and I'll add all the buttons. The only thing it has to contain is the circuit.
    There is a LANC function where you can adjust the speed of the zoom and I'd love to have that as a pot/knob (from the pin-out).
    Then we have something everyone asking for. Google or ask me for the list and programming functions, or commands.
    This has commercial application but limited market for videographers who wants a LANC on their cameras.
    Seriously, if you can design something to meet my specs and make a prototype, I'd be willing to pay for your work. I will look at all designs and select the one suits me the most. You may post it here or keep it private, it don't matter.
    If you have any questions, please send me e-mail or comment on this post.