LAN cable.

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    Often wondered.

    How much actual [measurable] capacitance or other negative feature is present in a LAN or similar cable twisted pair. It has no apparent effect on any hookup I've ever dealt with.

    A lot is said about stray capacitance / inductance / reactance. How much of a functional problem is this, or does it only affect really high frequencies.

    RF work requires antenna leads, and some other higher power conductors to be kept as short as possible, which makes sense.

    Thread likely belongs elsewhere :rolleyes:
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    There is a good deal of capacitance, to the point where the length can be determined by measuring the total capacitance.

    For negative effects, after roughly 200m, the signal is attenuated to the point that a switch or repeater (hub) is needed to run Ethernet to a further location.
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