Ladder programming of PLC

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  1. ssembo

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    Dec 13, 2010
    Hello, i am writing a ladder program for a PLC and it is my first so am requesting for your help. I have learn't some NO, NC, timers, Comparators, output coils, set coils, reset coils, and i gues these can be used to solve my problem.

    I am doing a project on automatic peak shaving for a substation, i have presented and its really catching here in my country.

    The design is in such away that, when the load goes high, the under frequency is detected and is compared by my PLC. when its below a set (50Hz), the non critical loads are load shed, when its stil below, another set of non critical loads are shed. if its still the case, generator sets come on line. the reverse is also true in that sequence.

    I have designed some thing using the above stated features but am not sure of how the PLC will read it. i have got no software to test on but have been trying to draw my sketch.

    At the moment, i have attached a sketch of my substation. Please try and sketch for me something as i try to put mine on PC.


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    Mar 16, 2011
    i have handled several projects of peak load shaving but i do realise that it can not and will not work for namanve substation i would kindly advise you to choose a different substation you can talk to Mr Buhanga for advice.