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moulding machine

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dear guys
i m working on project of "automation of injection molding machine using mitsubishi plc(fx-1n series)".
i require books that will help me in understanding n developing the ladder logic.
i will b highly obliged........


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Greetings moulding machine,

Not knowing what your current state of understanding of ladder logic is, whether beginner or intermediate makes it challenging to recommend a specific book. If you happen to be new to the subject you may want to root around on the Internet to get a feel for some of the specifics on the topic.

You should definitely visit Mitsubishi's website to see what application notes they have available.

The All About Circuits tutorials section has a good basic introductory treatment of the subject at the link below.

Another place you may want to visit is wikipedia. I have included a link to the ladder-logic topic for your convenience.

Be sure to follow up your visit to wikipedia by seeking out other sources so that you will have the benefit of the content of multiple sources on the same topic. Google "ladder logic" and you should get numerous links to sources of material.

Finally, if you feel the need for greater depth, take a look at and search for ladder logic to see what books they have available on the subject.