Labor Day

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Can you report on jobs in your area,in the South Florida
    the gaming machine jobs are increasing ,because of Black
    Jack and other new games being legal.Renovation of small
    beach apartments appox (20-units) being gutted ,new
    doors and windows.Must be green rebated to keep air
    controlled. One machine and regular crew,not many jobs.
    Condo remodels, appilances the same rebates. I know one guy
    that made his living fixing properties for banks,the banks are
    not investing new dollars any more,waiting for new owners
    to repair. Did U.K. have the thing happen as in U.S. with
    homes. The U.S. wants to have more rentals for hugh
    International Investors,there will be c.e.o.'s housing firms
    that collect the rent. Sharing the wealth of the middle class.
    Pushing cash to the top.