L298n IC socket, urgent

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Hi, I just bought a L298n a bipolar stepper motor I which is 15 pins IC. May I know how do I find its IC socket because I can't find this IC socket and just modify a 18 pin IC socket. It is not so good because it is easy short circuit if modify with this way. May I know has anyone has an idea or has seen this socket before? Can you please tell me? Thanks. :)


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Hi there, 'beenthere'
not questioning your authority, but has this actually worked for you?
I have fond that IC's with the package type discussed here to have quite soft pins, not somthing that would easily push into a socket, also the socket of the pins suggested (turned pin/machined pin) would be too small for this. ??
Am I wrong?


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is your L298N a multiwatt15 V or H? why not just solder is directly on the board. saves you the $2.+ as what "beenthere" has suggested.