L298/L297 Circuit

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I just finished making the L298/L297 Circuit for a Bipolar 2-Phase stepper motor... But before hooking it up with my microcontroller circuit i want to check n make sure the circuit is working fine... How do i check it and what should be the voltages on the output of the L298 and what should be the voltages on the Clock,Enable,CW/CCW and Reset pins of the L297...

I connected the chips to 5V and the Vdd of L298 to 30V and I am getting around 6V on the above mentioned pins of the L297 (It would be safe to connect it to a uC?) and on two outputs of L298 I am getting 0V and 17V on the other two...
Why 17V? Should it be this way...?
Secondly i wanted to know which wires of the stepper motor would go into the four outputs? Does the order matter... as when i change the configuration the voltages on the output change....



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Well, if you don't have a load hooked up to the L298, you're going to see some pretty high voltages. The L298 wants to see a voltage across the sense resistors. You put those in, right?

Did you download the datasheets for those IC's? If not, STMicroelectronics has them on their site:

Most of your questions will be answered by reading the datasheets carefully. You'll need to do that anyway.

Check the datasheet for your stepper motor(s) - they're not hard to find - unless they're real oddballs.

Reading the documentation beats the heck out of letting the smoke out of your omponents ;)


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Here's the circuit.. Is something wrong or missing?
What should be the output on the four outputs of the L298?
Follow my instructions above.

Look at page 8 in the L298 datasheet.

Most of the battle is just knowing where to look for the documentation.

Work on that aspect - it'll help you a lot.