L297-L298 Bi polar step motor controller

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I would appreciate some comments and thoughts on the following circuit. It is a bi polar step motor controller based on L297 and L298 ICs.

I'm planning on using an ATX computer supply, jumpstarted and with a dummy load. 12vdc 21w car brake light bulb.

In the shematic the diodes are 1N4004, because I couldn't find the ones I have. That is SBYV27-50.

The POT is 10K.

JP1: ATX powersupply
JP2: Half step and full step selection
JP3: 12V 3A 1.8° NEMA 23
JP4: Step and direction pins

I've used, or at least tried to use, the schematic from the datasheets.

The L298 will have a heatsink with a 12v fan.

Thanks for reading.


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