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    I hope I'm posting this on the good forum...

    I installed "Fedora Linux Electronic Lab" yesterday (it's a Fedora Linux distribution with some electronics programs preinstalled) and inside there was KTechLab, an awesome graphical simulator with some components (sources, passive, transistors, LEDs, switches, logic gates, some ICs) and a logic probe, an oscilloscope, a voltmeter, and more...

    It's just awesome for a newbie like me. The downside is that you need Linux for this (Fedora is good, I haven't tried it in Debian or Ubuntu) but it's really easy to use and you get a free graphical oscilloscope.

    Links:Feel free to move this post if it's the wrong place. That's all!
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    Welcome to AAC.

    This may more properly belong in the Resources section, so I'll move it.