Kirchoffs Voltage Law

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Hey!!! I have a question for who ever is smart enough to correctly answer my question in NORMAL words. NOT ALL TECHNICAL. Here goes.......

Can you explaain Kirchoff's Voltage Law, so that people like me can understand it. I mean SIMPLE terms. I understand Kirchoff's current law, but NOT the Voltage :huh: law. Can ANYONE help me??????PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! ;)
Thank you.

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Put simply Kirchoff's Second Law (Voltage Law) states that the algebraic sum of the voltage drops and EMF's around any closed circuit is zero.

So if you have a 10V EMF in a closed circuit then there will be a 10V drop distributed across the components in that circuit.

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maybe one of these links can help u out .....

otherwise just put KIRCHOFF's VOLTAGE LAW in some search engine like google and try to find the link that explains it in the simplest way even via diagrams etc etc!! there are a lot of helpful sites out there !!

hope u find what u re looking for!