Kinetic energy of an orbiting electron (Bohr Model)

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I have to find the orbital kinetic energy of an electron around a single proton. I solved for Potential energy via U=qv (test charge times voltage).

For kinetic energy, I feel like this should be identical to a physics 1 satellite question involving kinetic energy, where I must find the velocity at which the centripetal force matches the attractive force between the charges. From there solving for kinetic energy is simply a matter of plugging the mass and velocity into the equation.

I'm having trouble mathematically expressing the attractive force as equal to the centripetal force.

I am attempting to take the force= Electric field x test charge, so kQ(proton)/r^2 x q(electron)
and match it to

Am I on the right track here conceptually?


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Yes you are on the right lines but check again in your other thread, your understanding of signs.

Post some equations for us to discuss.